Workshop Ticket - Modern Calligraphy Intro Workshop

Workshop Ticket - Modern Calligraphy Intro Workshop

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WORKSHOP TICKET with Write Pretty For Me

Date: March 19 + 20

Time: 7:00-9:00pm

Join Alane Gianetti of Write Pretty for Me and Hudson Paperie for two nights of learning brush calligraphy!
Night 1 (Tuesday): In our first class, we'll cover the basics, like how to properly hold the brush pen. We'll practice fundamental strokes that make up letterforms and we'll begin learning the lower case alphabet. Students are given two different brush pens to practice with, so during this class, you can take the time to explore both and see which one you're most comfortable writing with. At the end of the class, you'll leave with your 40-page workbook, 2 brush pens, a cute tote to carry everything home, and the basics of brush calligraphy under your belt.
Night 2 (Wednesday): Continued into night 2, gather up your supplies, pop them in your tote and come back for another night of learning! In this second class, we'll move on to the upper case alphabet, numbers, how to create the modern calligraphy "bounce," and we'll start to write out full words. We'll even go over some variations on letters so that you can start to create your very own style of pretty writing! Upon finishing this class, you'll leave with the confidence to say to your friends, "I can write pretty for you!"
Grab a friend or come make new ones, and come join us for a fun two nights of learning calligraphy! P.S. Bringing wine is encouraged!